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100% Win It or It's Free Guaranteed

If your attorney or the available resolution cannot dismiss, amend, reduce ticket(s), reduce points, obtain a plea bargain, or put you in a better situation than you are now, you are eligible for a full refund. This is our Win It or It's Free ® and Peace of Mind ® assurance to all drivers.

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Our local team of attorneys are here to assist you!

MyTicketDefense will assign either a pool of local attorneys to handle your ticket matter on an ‘unbundled’ basis or assign a fully ‘bundled’ attorney or law firm to handle your ticket matter.


Unbundled: This means multiple local attorneys may be assigned to handle different tasks throughout your case to assure you are provided the lowest overall cost to fight your ticket matter (proven to be the most cost-effective method!)


- or -


Fully Bundled: One dedicated attorney or law firm handles the different tasks in your case at a pre-negotiated reduced rate (generally 50% off) which usually should be equivalent to unbundled representation. 



What Happens Next?


1) Complete the sign-up process on this page.


2) Lawyers are assigned (typically same day) to your ticket.


3) Lawyers will either resolve your ticket out of court or attend your hearing in-person if necessary on your behalf.


4) Your appearance is not needed.*


5) The entire process is usually hands-off for you with no participation needed.*


6) A Written Ticket Resolution report will be submitted to you by email once your ticket is resolved with your point reductions, dismissal, ticket deferral, etc.


Our Guaranteed Results:

Win or It Is Free!* (Read More)

98% Driver Satisfaction Rating!*

100% Secure Money Back Guarantee!*

100% No Increased Insurance Guarantee!*


Most Common Results:


Ticket Dismissal, Deferral, Reduce or Avoid MVR Points, Avoid Suspension Points, Avoid Suspensions, Avoid Insurance Increases, Approved Clinic, Protect Your License, and/or Protect Your Employment.


Our Platform allows you to dispute your ticket hands-off for yourself.

When in-person appearance is required, you can typically avoid that yourself and an attorney can handle that in-person appearance for you on your behalf (if necessary).


Most attorneys are actually able to avoid the in-person appearances too and can resolve most tickets outside of court with prosecutors, officers, or other available options (which are highly common in the traffic ticket industry).


All of the Attorneys are local to the courthouse and can resolve your ticket either out of court or will appear in person locally if necessary on your behalf!


Your appearance is not needed 99% of the time once you have hired a Lawyer who can EITHER appear in-person if necessary - or - resolve your ticket out-of-court via approved options.


Next Steps: Finish the sign-up process here, attorneys are commonly assigned same-day, and all confirmations and updates are sent to you, in writing, by email for your records. 


Any questions or update requests? Contact us by telephone, email, or text message and our team will give you updates the same day!


Once your ticket is resolved, you receive a Written Resolution Report, and then your case is completed!


Our platform is dedicated to online ticket resolution for drivers so you personally can avoid appearing in-court and have an attorney handle your ticket either out-of-court via negotiations or through an in-court appearance. Dates do get moved around in this industry quite frequently but a ticket resolution option is always available for drivers.


We process thousands of local tickets every year, have consistent 5-Star Ratings, 98% Satisfaction & Results ratings, and have the highest record of the most Money-Back guarantees available in the entire traffic ticket industry with the most experienced traffic ticket attorneys


Initial Date Note: Initial Dates listed on your ticket are NOT always actual court dates. In this industry, many initial dates listed on the tickets are generally just \"due\" dates only whereby the ticket only gets disputed either telephonically or by document submission. This means an appearance on your initial date is not always necessary by attorneys. This is common in this industry. After that due date, new dates are typically assigned and moved around quite frequently to allow time for prosecutors or officers to work with attorneys to resolve the tickets based on their calendars, schedules, and the busy backlog of cases which most courts have.


Court Clerk Note: Please note that Court Clerks do not always have up-to-date information as to the status of ticket negotiations because this is often done with different parties (like prosecutors/officers/etc) which are authorized to work and resolve ticket matters on behalf of the government.



*By proceeding, you hereby grant full settlement authority for your ticket.

*We may assign either a single attorney or multiple attorneys at our discretion to handle your ticket either on a fully bundled legal service basis or on an unbundled task-by-task basis through our pool of attorneys.

*General terms & representation agreement link located in the footer of this site.

*Alternate resolution of tickets may be available (without counsel) by online driver clinic referral via 3rd party.

Other Offers by MyTicketDefense

Analyzing Ticket Information

Our SmartTicket software is processing your ticket information and will now match you for help to fight your ticket!

✅ 100% Secure Money Back Guarantee!
✅ Lowest Rate In State Guarantee!
✅ Consistent ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Star Ratings!
✅ 98% Driver Satisfaction Rating!
✅ Seasoned Support Team!

MyTicketDefense has thousands of attorneys and we will pair you to the best attorney to handle your ticket. Offer valid on most common basic tickets.


Limited Time Promotional Rate!


What is included?

1) The attorney will file papers with the court and they begin working immediately!

2) You will be informed if you do not need to appear - or - whether you need to appear telephonically, video, or in-person based on court requirements for your particular ticket(s).

3) Your attorney will dispute your ticket!


Our Guarantees:

98% Satisfaction Rating! 100% Secure Money Back Guarantee! Win or It Is Free!*


Common Goals:

Ticket Dismissal, Avoid DMV Points, Avoid Suspension Points, Avoid Suspensions, Avoid Insurance Increases, Protect Your License, Protect Your Employment.


Do Not Miss This Limited Time Rate Which Is Expiring Soon!


Get Started on our platform now! An Attorney will begin work immediately to fight your ticket!