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$1,781/Year Insurance Cost From Speeding Ticket

Third party company, NerdWallet, analyzed 2020 rates for insurance premiums for drivers after receiving a speeding ticket. Their findings were that the average driver with a speeding ticket was pay $1,781 for full automobile insurance coverage. The highest premiums were with with Farmer’s Auto Insurance for a whopping cost of $2,476. Imagine that, over five…

April 29, 2020

Beware: Nationwide Ticket Blitz, Post Covid-19 Lockdowns!

  Do you ever pass through certain towns or areas and you are constantly seeing police pulling drivers over on a regular basis? All those places have something very much in common! They issue lots of traffic tickets and fund their governments by doing so. They are addicted to tickets, monthly quotas, and the revenue…

April 29, 2020