$1,781/Year Insurance Cost From Speeding Ticket

Third party company, NerdWallet, analyzed 2020 rates for insurance premiums for drivers after receiving a speeding ticket. Their findings were that the average driver with a speeding ticket was pay $1,781 for full automobile insurance coverage. The highest premiums were with with Farmer’s Auto Insurance for a whopping cost of $2,476. Imagine that, over five years, which would amount to $12,880 in five years for auto insurance or a increased difference of $3,055 as compared to someone with a clean driving record. Having more than one traffic ticket can further increase these costs. This is why it is highly important that drivers protect their driver’s licenses, keep points off their driving record, avoid state surcharges, and keep insurance costs as low as possible. Traffic Lawyers and Attorneys who handle traffic tickets can help you to accomplish these goals and it is completely worth it in the short term and long term. Select the State where you received your ticket on the MyTicketDefense.com platform and select an experienced Lawyer. Complete the quick sign-up process under 1 minute and then submit your ticket to your lawyer along with details of your incident. Your lawyer will then review your ticket and once they accept it, they will represent you and communicate with you on resolving your ticket. The process is simple, easy, and reliable!

Click Here for NerdWallet’s Findings!

April 29, 2020