Beware: Nationwide Ticket Blitz, Post Covid-19 Lockdowns!


Do you ever pass through certain towns or areas and you are constantly seeing police pulling drivers over on a regular basis? All those places have something very much in common! They issue lots of traffic tickets and fund their governments by doing so. They are addicted to tickets, monthly quotas, and the revenue they make from ticket fines. For some towns, it could be their first or second largest source of revenue to finance their budgets.

Guess what happened during the COVID-19 lockdowns? There were less drivers on the road and police decreased their rates of pulling drivers over due to fear of spreading the virus. Guess what also happened? Many towns and cities were not seeing all that revenue coming in from traffic tickets. After months of lost revenue, towns and cities are now panicking and there is a ticket blitz going on in many parts of the nation so they can make up their lost revenues.

Some towns are not even issuing a single ticket any longer and will instead, rack up multiple tickets to issue drivers. Speed traps are increasing in certain areas which is commonly being seen all over roadways. Take a look at New York City as an example, they earned $1.9 billion in fines just in 2015. That’s right, it’s billion, not million.

It’s important to drive safely and follow the rules, but if you unfortunately get caught up in a situation where you get even one ticket or multiple tickets, it’s important you hire an experienced lawyer from our platform to help you protect your license, avoid insurance increases, avoid state surcharges, and avoid points on your license. Getting started is quick, easy, and reliable. Simply select your state, hire your lawyer, submit your ticket, and your lawyer will communicate with you on the progress of handling your ticket(s).

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April 29, 2020