Speeding Tickets In Connecticut With A Dose Of Humor!

Speeding tickets in Connecticut are like driving through a quaint New England village – you might not expect it, but they can still catch you off guard. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a ticket and a stern lecture from the local constable. So, to help you avoid getting ticketed, here are some tips that may or may not be helpful:

  1. Blame it on the Yale students – If you do get pulled over, try blaming your speeding on the Yale students. Tell the cop that you were just trying to keep up with the fast-paced Ivy League lifestyle and that everyone else in New Haven drives just as fast. They might be so sympathetic to your plight as an outsider in the prestigious college town that they’ll let you off with a warning.
  2. Offer them some lobster roll – If blaming it on the Yale students doesn’t work, try offering the cop some lobster roll. It’s a staple of Connecticut’s seafood cuisine that they might not be able to resist. Make sure to tell them that it’s made with fresh, locally caught lobster and that it’s perfect for a summer day. They might be so impressed by your knowledge of Connecticut’s culinary scene that they’ll forget about the ticket.
  3. Show them your yacht – If you were speeding because you were late for your yacht club meeting, try showing the cop your yacht. Sail down the nearest river or coast and point out all the luxurious features of your vessel. Tell them about your love of the water and how important it is to be punctual for your club meetings. They might be so charmed by your upper-class lifestyle that they’ll let you go with a warning.
  4. Dress up like a colonial settler – If all else fails, try dressing up like a colonial settler. Wear a tri-cornered hat, some breeches, and a pair of buckled shoes. Tell the cop that you’re just trying to embrace the state’s rich colonial history. They might be so amused by your historical reenactment that they’ll let you off with a warning.

In conclusion, getting a speeding ticket in Connecticut is no laughing matter. But if you do find yourself on the receiving end of one, just remember these tips and maybe you’ll get lucky. Or, you know, just drive safely and obey the traffic laws. But where’s the fun in that?


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March 4, 2023