Speeding Tickets In Illinois With A Dose Of Humor!

Illinois, the land of deep-dish pizza, the Bean, and, unfortunately, speeding tickets. If you’ve ever driven through Illinois, you know that the state takes its traffic laws seriously. And if you don’t follow those laws, you might find yourself with a shiny new speeding ticket. Here are some humorous tips on how to avoid getting a ticket in Illinois:

  1. Wear a Cubs or Sox hat – If you’re pulled over for speeding, try wearing a Cubs or Sox hat. Bonus points if you’re wearing a shirt or jersey from your favorite team. Tell the officer that you’re a huge fan of the Cubs or Sox and you’re just too excited to be in Illinois. Who knows, they might be a fan too and let you off with a warning.
  2. Offer them a slice of deep-dish pizza – Illinois is famous for its deep-dish pizza, and there’s nothing like a good slice of pie to ease the tensions. If you’re pulled over for speeding, try offering the officer a slice of deep-dish pizza. Tell them that it’s the best pizza in the world, and they might be so impressed that they let you go with a warning.
  3. Claim you’re late for the Willis Tower skydeck – If you’re speeding because you’re late for a trip to the Willis Tower skydeck, tell the officer that you’re in a hurry to see the view from the top. Make sure to mention how excited you are to see the city from that height. They might be so moved by your love for the city that they’ll let you off with a warning.
  4. Pretend you’re in the Blues Brothers – If all else fails, channel your inner Blues Brother. Tell the officer that you’re on a mission from God and you need to get to your destination quickly. Put on some blues music, wear a fedora, and start dancing. They might be so entertained by your antics that they’ll let you off with a warning.

In conclusion, getting a speeding ticket in Illinois is no laughing matter, but you can try to make light of the situation with these tips. Remember to always drive safely and follow the traffic laws, but if you do find yourself pulled over, try these tips and maybe you’ll get lucky. Or, you know, just hire a good lawyer.


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March 8, 2023