Speeding Tickets In North Dakota With A Dose Of Humor!

Ah, North Dakota. The land of wide-open spaces, big skies, and…speeding tickets?

Yes, it’s true. Even in this sparsely populated state, the police are out in force, ready to hand out tickets to anyone who dares to exceed the speed limit.

But why, you might ask? After all, with so few people and so much space, why not let drivers stretch their legs a bit?

Well, it turns out that the good folks of North Dakota take their speed limits seriously. Very seriously. And they’re not afraid to make an example of anyone who dares to break the law.

Consider the case of Bob, a hapless driver who was cruising along one of the state’s many highways when he spotted a sign warning of a speed trap ahead. Being the law-abiding citizen that he is (or so he thought), Bob dutifully slowed down to the posted limit of 55 mph.

But as he rounded a bend, he saw a police car parked on the side of the road, its lights flashing. And as he passed by, he heard a strange noise – the sound of a siren, but not quite.

Bob couldn’t believe his ears. Was he really being pulled over for going the speed limit? It seemed too ridiculous to be true.

But sure enough, a stern-looking officer approached his car and demanded to see his license and registration. Bob complied, still in a state of shock.

“Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?” the officer asked.

“No, officer, I don’t,” Bob replied.

“You were going 55 in a 55 zone,” the officer said, his voice dripping with disdain.

“But…that’s the speed limit,” Bob protested.

“Exactly,” the officer said. “And in North Dakota, we take our speed limits seriously. Very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that we’re going to give you a ticket for not going fast enough.”

Bob couldn’t believe it. A ticket for not speeding? This was a new one.

But as he drove away, ticket in hand, he couldn’t help but chuckle to himself. Only in North Dakota, he thought, could you get a ticket for obeying the law.


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March 14, 2023