Speeding Tickets In Ohio With A Dose Of Humor!

Welcome to Ohio, where the only thing that moves faster than the Buckeyes on the field is the police radar on the highways.

You may think you’re the next Mario Andretti, but in Ohio, you’re more likely to end up with a speeding ticket than a trophy. The police are out in full force, armed with their radar guns and a thirst for justice (and revenue).

It’s not just the state troopers you have to watch out for, either. Every small town has its own speed trap, complete with a bored cop waiting for the next unsuspecting out-of-towner to come barreling through.

But hey, maybe you think you’re smarter than the cops. Maybe you think you can outmaneuver them with your slick driving skills. Think again, my friend. Ohio cops have seen it all, and they’re not fooled by your fast-and-furious antics.

And if you do get caught, don’t even think about arguing your way out of it. Ohio cops have heard every excuse in the book, from “I was late for a job interview” to “my cat was having a medical emergency.” They’ve even heard “I didn’t know I was going that fast,” even though your car was practically shaking from the speed.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Slow down, my friend. Take it easy. Enjoy the scenery. Because in Ohio, the only thing that moves faster than the speed limit is the hand of justice coming down on your wallet.


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March 14, 2023